Touch-Free Digital Infrared Thermometer

All moms and dads want their little ones to be well all the time. Sometimes, however, it happens that they get sick. 

At these times we all want to help our baby right away and make him/her get well soon. And you need the right tools during these times. 

This is when the Touch-free Digital Infrared Thermometer comes into play! And it gets even better - you can use it also to measure adult's temperature, surface (foods, drinks, etc.) and even your room temperature! 


  • SAFE, FAST AND ACCURATE. It only takes 0.5 seconds to take the reading. The use of this touch-free thermometer is safe because there is no touching of baby's skin involved and no dangerous radiation as well. The temperature is being captured with a precision 0.1 of degree! 
  • FAHRENHEIT AND CELSIUS. No matter which country you live in, the thermometer will do its job. Simply press and hold the MODE button and easily switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius units! 
  • COLOR-CODED RESULTS. If the temperature of your baby (or you) is OK, the screen will show the readings in green. When the temperature is a bit too high, the screen will be yellow, and if the temperature is too high (a sign of fewer), you will see the screen in red color. 
  • MULTI-USE. This is a multiuse tool. Check the temperature of the baby bath, milk, food or even room temperature. Simply switch between the modes and you are good to go! 
  • LARGE-CAPACITY MEMORY. The thermometer will hold up to 32 readings in its memory. It will help you efficiently monitor your baby's or your way to getting better. 
  • BEST BABY SHOWER GIFT. A perfect gift for your friends' baby showers. It is a must-have device for every home! 


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